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Valley Road Autumn Hunt

Five A.M.: alarm clock rings.
Time to wake up and gather my things.
To stay in bed is what I really want,
But I know it will be worth it, it's a fox hunt!

We arrive with the sunrise at Valley Road.
I drank too much coffee, find me at the commode!
Now, tack up the horse, its Beau I will ride,
I'm schooling him for Field Master - I look at him with pride!

Our Huntsman, Diedre, arrives with the hounds.
We're ready to go now, with great leaps and bounds.
Up the steep bank, and into the woods we go
Not five minutes into the hunt we hear, "Tally Ho!"

I take a deep breath, and drop my heels.
I pull myself together and hold in my squeals.
I'm not sure I'm ready for the power of my mount,
but I must ride like the wind, cause this line counts!

The adrenaline is pumping and the run is long.
We stop by the property line: hounds ask, "What's wrong?"
The bitch hounds were great and praise all around.
We leave our line to see what else can be found.

Spirits are high with anticipation,
The Huntsman is proud and accepts congratulations.
The bitches get serious and look for a sign,
Music!  We are off on a new line!

This time our quarry is clever as can be.
She ducks in the creek and around a tree.
The cry of the hounds she does not ignore,
But this fox has played this game before.

She back tracks the stream and into the covert.
It looks like she's won- not to be discovered.
The hounds circle up & down, around,
they try so hard - but the scent can't be found!

It's getting warm and the scent is gone.
That's why we have to hunt at dawn!
We are all on cloud nine as we pass the corn.
We say our good byes and call the hounds to the horn.

By Pam





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