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When you are in deep trouble....say nothing....try to be inconspicuous


11-1-03 Schooling for the Hounds

This weekend Dave and I had an awesome opportunity to watch hounds work. Saturday morning we took 15 hounds to the coyote pen in Athens. Jane and Devon were our hosts Friday night. Meadowbrook farm was a welcoming sight on a warm autumn evening after a 2 1/2 hour drive. The barn light was on and the hounds were quickly placed in straw laden kennels. We sorted through the group, who tolerated who, etc. Quickly we realized that Flanker and Ike would have to sleep in the trailer due to their successfully maneuvering over the stall door. Ginny was put into quarantine due to an early heat cycle. The Jacob's' farm is lovely, almost as if it were some cozy B&B. We enjoyed a delicious meal of Cornish hen, sliced potatoes and yams, fresh green salad and cranberries, cherry cheesecake pie, and a lovely red wine. We went out to check the hounds and were soon off to bed. We arrived at John T. farm at 7am and what a treat! 250 acres of rolling hills, fields, and partially covered woods. The fall foliage was spectacular and there were Black Angus lowing in a field nearby. I was instructed to pull the trailer right up to the fence and let the hounds out. They soon got busy emptying their bladders and playing around. John turned out one of his best, Quaker, and after some sniffing and tail wagging, they were off. We heard the blended overture of many hounds. John instructed us on which path to take to get the best view. We climbed up and down hills and valleys until 3pm. The first ridge held an incredible sight, our first coyote. We saw a stream of hounds crossing the rolling hills. I tried to identify each one with pride, what a sight to see. Yes, Jane and I squealed with excitement. The hounds we took included some of the pups you named at the auction: Eisenhower (Ike), Eliah, E-bay, E-hee, Elvis, Andy, Alliance, Gus, George W., Ginny, and General. Garnet and Flanker were their also for some needed training, NO DEER! I will give you a short summary of each hound's performance. General and Flanker pursued the coyotes relentlessly. We had to pull them off of the hillside. Flanker was so tired, Dave thought he would have to carry him home. General subdued his game to a short distance of a few feet and would not leave until put onto a rope. Ike, who had been the star last time, was a bit leary as he had been shocked by a fence early in the day. Garnet was pretty much the lead hound, with Flanker, following John's best hounds. It was great to watch them work. They would over run a line and then check it and find it again. We had the fortune of seeing the coyote and then watched them follow the line. Devon, Jane, Dave, and I worked our way through the woods and sat on the top of a high ridge for hours and listened intently, eyes keen. Ebay was very slow to start. She reminded me of a house dog on a walk in the park. She would not leave our sight, even when the entire pack passed us in hot pursuit. Once, the coyote passed her as if to say, 'Hey, get with the program!' She followed shyly only to return to the safety of her humans. George passed by and she left briefly only to return again. We tried to ignore her affection so she would join her pack. After about an hour I noticed she would leave a little longer. John told us not to be concerned and that when they are ready they will just go; eventually she did. She lifted her head to hear the exciting sounds of music and with an encouraging nudge from George, she followed. I would not call her a great hunter but she ran with the pack, tongue hanging out and smiling. Over the 8 hours we were there I felt I learned a lot from John and his hounds. I tried to listen to each hound's distinct voice. Most of the time John's hounds led the pack, but several occasions arose where I would see Flanker, Garnet, and General pass his hounds. I was once told by Henry Hooker that the scent was not good when dew or rain drops hangs from the trees. We had a brief shower about noon and witnessed this phenomena. The hills were quiet and the hounds came and laid at our feet with little action or music in the hills. We had a long walk back, so we took 6 hounds back to the trailer at about 1:30. They packed in and followed us. Shortly following, the other hounds began to run again and continued until 3pm. I looked at the tree limbs and the dew drops had finally dripped from the branches. I think Henry Hooker was right. The coyote were very smart and used to this game. You would see a black coyote go in the woods with the hounds and then they would come out the other side at the heels of a light colored one. If they were pursued by one hound, they would turn and face him. The hound would stop, knowing that he was alone and without the support of the pack. We would watch the coyote silently trot through the woods without a sound. I was amazed how hard it was to spot them because of their colors and silent demeanor. This was an excellent experience for the hounds and wonderful to watch. Hope you enjoy the picture. There are pics of the coyotes but they are difficult to see. Enjoy! Tally ho, Pam

Mid-America Hound Show, May 9-11


I knew it was time to give you an update when earlier this week my tongue froze to my horn! I felt like the little boy in a Christmas story who had his tongue stuck on the flag pole. I am having a great time with the seven pups I have in my care: Elmer, Elvis, Eli, Eisenhower (aka Ike), Eve, E-hee and last but not least, Ebay. Ebay has shown the most talent so far. She gets down to business and really uses her nose. She is very obedient and wants to please me. She always comes to the horn and kennels up without a problem.
E-hee is a lover! He is usually right at my side and would make a great Seeing Eye dog! He is not shy but enjoys the company of human companionship. I'm not sure these are good traits for a fox hound and hunting. I do know that he will always return when "Gone Away." He does have a lovely voice and tells me so every time I blow my Horn!
Eve has shown great promise as a hunt
er. She is very shy and this was made worse a couple of weeks ago. We were in the neighbors back field and they have a very nice friendly paint horse. The horse has seen the puppies many times before. Well, this day she decided to chase Eve. She rolled her like a bowling ball and scared poor Eve to death! It will take some time but hopefully she will calm down. With some TLC and time she is getting better.
Ike likes affection and is a nice looking hound. He does have one bad habit, he follows my beagle. When I walk hounds it is usually
5:30 to 7pm due to my working. I take out 7 hounds and 3 pet dogs. Buddy is a 10yr old Australian shepherd, Tucker is an 8yr old Beagle, and Lilly is a 1yr old Jack Russell. We really have a great time. Buddy keeps everyone in line. He will growl if they misbehave. Lilly has taught them a lot about going through thick brush and how to squeeze under fencing. She also inspects all ground holes. She is so cute with her nose stuck in a hole with just her rear end sticking up, tail pointing to the sky. Tucker hunts on his own schedule and wonders anywhere he pleases. The problem is Ike likes Tucker and follows him. When Amanda was home for Christmas she had to walk a mile to bring Ike back after he followed Tuck. Last night Ike did it again. I called and called, finally Ike responded to the horn and left Tuck and came back to me! I was so proud of him! He received lots of hugs when he returned.
Elmer, Eli and Elvis are very obedient to the horn but they tend to want to have too much fun. Their daily ritual is to find a frozen road apple (horse manure) and fight over it. They also have given me trouble when play time is over and it's time to go back into the kennel. They lead the other puppies to an escape route and head to the neighbors cat food. Well, one night I had enough. I took my 2 way radio and as I came back from our walk I had Dave stand by the fence. I armed him with my crop and thong (Whip not panties!) I told him to crack the whip if necessary. Well, they decided not to kennel up so Dave cracked the whip, LOUD!!!!!!  My horses spooked and I couldn't catch them for hours, my house dogs ran for their lives, I caught my Jack Russell for the first time, She was shacking she was so scared. I think that one crack cleared every animal for a 2 mile radius. The most important thing was the puppies kenneled up and have ever since!! GOOD JOB!!!!
I try to walk the hounds ever day so if you would like to join me give me a call. The weekends I walk during the day. The best part of walking the hounds besides the great exercise are the beautiful sunsets. Yes, it's usually pretty cold but for me it is worth every minute. Happy New Year to all of You! Love Pam G.      


11-29-02 Puppy Auction


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