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Chronological Trips 
Bonaire 2/10 Long Caye, Belize 1/10  Florida Keys 11/09  Cozumel/Yucatan 7-8/09 
Nesting RS Hawk 5-6/09   Italy 5/09  Utah 4/09  Panama-Birds  3/09  Panama-Hummingbirds 3/09  Panama-Wildlife 2/09
Raptor Migration 1/09  Cozumel, Mex. Birds 11/08  Cozumel, Mex. Underwater  France 10-08  Nevada 10/08
Costa Rica Birds 6/08  Costa Rica Hummingbirds 6/08  Costa Rica Wildlife 6/08  Costa Rica Underwater 6/08
Peregrine Falcons 5/08  Magee Marsh 5/08  Colorado 4/08 March Migration 3/08  Killdeer - Ohio 2/08
 Sweden Birds 2/08  Bonaire Birds 2/08  Bonaire Underwater 2/08  Fiji-Birds 11/07  Fiji Underwater 11/07
 Australia Sydney 11/07  Australia-Hawkesbury 11/07 Point Reyes, Ca. 8/07  North Dakota 7/07  Los Cabos, Mex. 6/07
 Dominica 2/07  Homosassa Springs, FL 11/06  Whitsunday, Australia 6/06  Australia 5/06  Land Between the Lakes, KY 4/06
 Grand Teton, Wyoming 2/06  Grand Turk 11/05  Grand Turk 2/05  Africa 1/88  Galapagos 11/83
 Each image is legally protected by U.S. & International copyright laws and may NOT be used for reproduction in any manner without the explicit authorization of John McKean
Long Caye at Lighthouse Reef, Belize  Jan. 2010
Birds                                                            Underwater
Yucatan Amazon (Amazona xantholora) , also known as Yellow-lored Amazon, Yucatan Parrot or Yellow-lored Parrot


Magnificent Frigatebird (Fregata magnificens) ♂ - Half Moon Caye



Red-footed Booby - (Sula sula) White morph   Note: Unlike most Red Footed Boobies which are a dull brown



Red-footed Booby - (Sula sula) Brown morph


White-crowned Pigeon (Patagioenas leucocephala)
Conservation Status: Near Threatened

Royal Tern (Thalasseus maximus)


Cinnamon Hummingbird (Amazilia rutila)

Cinnamon Hummingbird (Amazilia rutila)



Mangrove Warbler  (P.a. erithachorides)

Mangrove Warbler  (P.a. erithachorides) ♂ juv.


Prothonotary Warbler 


Yellow-throated Warbler (Dendroica dominica)


Little Blue Heron (Egretta caerulea) juv


Black-necked Stilt (Himantopus mexicanus)