About Miami Valley Hunt

An Invitation to Join the Miami Valley Hunt

Are you interested in the sport of “Riding to the Hounds?”

A tradition in Great Britain for centuries, the Miami Valley Hunt chases foxes in Southwest Ohio. (While foxhunting originated to control the fox population and to protect lambs in the old country, riding to the hounds is not a blood sport in North America.)

The pack, comprised of crossbred Foxhounds, is young and eager to provide a good day’s sport. The 28 hounds (14 “couple”) are kenneled in Urbana, Ohio.

Our members include nearly 80 families of subscribers (riders), “patrons” (social members), and landowners. Ages in the “field” range from 7 to 70 years. Jumps at the “fixtures” (hunt country) range from one to three feet, and riders can get around most jumps (we want to challenge the experienced rider without intimidating the novice).

Our patrons join us for many social events, including the traditional “Blessing of the Hounds,” Annual Hunt Ball, puppy “auctions” to name new litters, tailgate parties, Pace events, Trail-riding weekends, cropper party and other social functions throughout the year.

The Hunt would not exist without the generosity of our LANDOWNERS! Our premiere fixtures are located in Champaign, Licking, Delaware, Preble, and Ross Counties. We gratefully respect their property and wishes and they appreciate the pageantry of the hounds and red- and black-coated riders galloping across their land.

The hunt season runs from Labor Day through the end of March: formal hunts are on Saturdays or Sundays and informal hunts on Wednesdays. Formal wear consists of black coat, black hard hat, white stock tie with plain gold safety pin, canary vest, buff/tan britches and black boots. Guests are always welcome with the permission of a Joint Master. Dress requirements for guest riders (cappers) are less stringent (black helmet, dark coat, light britches, English boots and an English saddle with a white pad). Guests are allowed to “cap” three times per season. The time on the fixture cards indicates when the hounds will be released so riders must be tacked, mounted and warmed up by that time.

People join the hunt (as subscribers, patrons who ride or just to support the hunt and landowners) for a variety of reasons — to watch the hounds work, to enjoy a spirited ride across beautiful country to jump or to socialize with a great, fun group of people. We have something for everyone —cap with us and see!

Miami Valley Hunt Joint Masters:
Phyllis F. Heck, MFH                                         
Carolyn 0. Uecker, MFH (Lt. Col., USAF, Ret.)
Diedre Koik, MFH

Subscription Rates:
Senior Membership $500
Junior Membership (22-35 yrs.)  $375
Youth Membership (to 21 yrs.)  $250
Family Membership  $1000
Patron (per person)   $50
Second Hunt Membership (subscriber to another Hunt)  $375
Initiation (waived for active duty)  $100
Patron’s Capping Fee  $30
Regular Capping Fee  $40
Taft Reserve Capping Fee  $50

Capping (guest hunting) is permitted three times per season. Capping fees may be applied to a regular subscription. Guests hunt with permission from a Master.

Treasurer:  Mrs. Michael Uecker, MFH (Carolyn)
945 W. Dayton-Yellow Springs Road
Fairborn, Ohio 45324