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MVH Hunt Season

October 2003-2004
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10-22-03 Witches and Warlocks


10-19-03 Hunt



10-12-03 3rd RFHH Hunter Pace Event (Beth Andrea Pisto Memorial)

The "Beth Andrea Pisto Memorial Hunter Pace" was held at the beautiful Crosswind Farm on Sunday. This was the last of 3 Rocky Fork- Headley Pace events. Dave and Susan Straub hosted the event in Beth's memory. Storms were predicted but a somewhat cloudy morning turned into a lovely autumn day. Great rides, laughter, and food was had by all and a big thanks goes out to all the RFHH members who made it possible for us to enjoy this special day in Beth's honor. The results for MVH members are as follows: Fast Pace- 3rd place was Lori Miller& friend, Mary 5th place was Bob Bogart, Pam Grusz&Jayne Whitton 6th place was John McKean & Kendra Schoff Moderate pace- 1st place was Dave & Pam Grusz 8th place was Devon and Jane Alicia or Nathan got a blue ribbon, I think it was for the scenic cruisers. Cindy Bowers got a second place in something, maybe moderate pace. Here are the names in the PIC: Lori, Susan, Candy, Kendra, John, Bob, Pam ,Dave G., Bonnie, Devon, Jane, Alicia & Nathan. We were joined by Candy Carlson and Bonnie Geiger who get my vote for the best dressed. The brave folks who were in Halloween costumes included: My favorite, Sponge bob a.k.a. John McKean and his buddy The star fish a.k.a. Kendra. Bob Bogart as a dirty old man (as himself), Candy Carlson had a beautiful Arab outfit and so did her horse, Neat! I was a fox with a head. I lost my head on the cross-country course (so what else is new)? We all had a great time and we represented M.V.H. very well. Congratulations to all.


10-11-03 Hunt


10-4-03 Camargo Hunter Trials