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Peregrine Falcon Banding  5/08

John aids Biologist Diana Malas, District 5 Peregrine Falcon Coordinator, and Dave Scott, Research Administrator from ODNR-Division of Wildlife, in the identification of the previously unidentified male (tiercel) Peregrine Falcon during the chick banding process.

John prepares the high-definition video camera to mount inside the Peregrine Falcon nesting box in an attempt to identified the unidentified male (tiercel) Peregrine Falcon.


John photographed the agitated Peregrine Falcon parents with a super telephone lens while Diana removes the chicks for banding..
The male has since been indentified using other higher definition video camera mounted outside the box as Daniel, band D/83, born in 2005 at the 4th and Vine Tower in Cincinnati. This bird had previously tried to nest in Springfield last year with female Kachina (99/B-Toledo 2004). Their nesting attempt failed and Kachina was found dead in Dayton this past Feb. following a collision with a building. Daniel's new mate is un-banded and unidentified.

The young were banded May 22. Miami, D/43 and Kickapoo, D/44 are both males.

The Dayton Peregrine Falcons  are nesting on the Liberty Bank building in downtown Dayton.

Daniels's new mate - an un-banded and unidentified Peregrine Falcon


Daniel, band D/83 


Daniel and Mate waiting for Chicks to be returned


The two young birds received their leg bands on May 22 at 10:00 AM. Miami, D/43 and Kickapoo, D/44, are both males.

Photographs below of chick banding were taken by press photographer