Summer of 2001

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8-25-01 Camargo Hunt Clinic

8-11-01 Stuart Black Clinic

Comments from attendees:
Pam: Well for all you riders who missed the clinic, I really feel sorry for you. As always it was great! Unless you have met this guy you can't believe how well he can teach! He has the talent (2 Olympics) under his belt, won Rolex, and scored one of best scores at Badminton on his Dressage and placed seventh there. Stuart will be competing at Burghley horse trials ( in England 8-28 to 9-2. A few people will be going over the big pond to watch him ride. The next time he is in the area please tell all your friends to come and ride or at least audit the clinic. It is well worth the money. He will help you with your riding problems, build confidence and in my case, find bad habits you might have picked up over time. MVH riders were Alisha, Deidre, Maria, myself and Thea (Carolyn & Mike's Goddaughter). Other members attending the clinic but not riding were Erik, Mike, Dave C., Bob, Bonnie, Harriet, Joyce and my mom (Bobbie). We had a great time and hope you join us next time.
Erik: I must say that Stuart Black's method of teaching is the most impressive I have ever witnessed. He explains CLEARLY what he wants you to do and how to do it in plain English. When someone does something wrong he is not nastily critical, he simply explains what you did wrong and how to correct it and points out the effect that your mistake has on the horse. A very impressive and personable man who clearly has the talent for both doing and teaching.
Carolyn: Stuart was great! He watched horse and rider and only asked for what he was sure they could do - no scarey stuff! I learned a lot even as an auditor - about speed and "channeling" thru a combination, and hand/leg/seat coordination. Even when errors were made, he praised and suggested a different tactic. Great clinic for foxhunters!


Stuart competing at Burghley Horse Trials in England after the clinic

Pam supporting Stuart at the Trials


7-15-01 MVH Dog Show (Dayton Daily News - Front Page 7-23)



6-30-01 Croppers Party at Pam's


6-15-01 Joint Trail Ride with Camargo Hunt in Urbana


5-7-01 David O'Conner taking his victory lap on Giltedge at the 2001 Rolex