Summer of 2003 - July and August

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April, May, and June of Summer 2003

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8-24-03 Rocky Fork Headley Hunt Pace Event



7-19-03 Puppy Auction Dinner (for Winners of "Dinner Bid" at Puppy Auction)

Thanks to Mac and Mary Alice McFarland for hosting a dinner fit for Kings on Sat. 7-19. The winners of the dinner were Erik and Diedre, Dave and Pam and Dave and Harriet. We began gourmet journey in the conservatory with wine, cheese, fresh fruit, delicious cherries, and assorted crackers. We were also joined by the McFarland’s canine friends. How appropriate to have puppies join us for dinner. We were asked to take our seats in the lovely dinning room. Before our dinner began we passed the ceremonial friendship drink around. Each one of us was asked to make a toast and drink from the glass until it was gone. We started very seriously with blessings of Hounds, Huntsmen and horses etc. Well, the glass was very big so the toast became more humorous as the glass was pasted. Dave C. toast," here's to our wives and girlfriends who support us, may they never meet!" As you can imagine, for obvious reasons I cannot share some of the toast. The menu for the rest of the evening consisted of the following: Fresh Shrimp in Sherry Cream Sauce, spring lettuce with Bacon/Blue cheese/strawberries, All Seasons Pasta with oven dried tomatoes/special blended fresh herb cheese. Beef Wellington with oven roasted potatoes/béarnaise sauce/peppercorn sauce/mushrooms sautéed in white wine. Foccia, tomato and Zucchini bread with dried cherries and walnuts. Dessert was chocolate Molten cake with French vanilla ice cream and fresh raspberries. When you cut open the cake hot fudge flowed out! The dinner was superb and enjoyed by all. Feeling fat and sassy we retired to the conservatory for good conversation and relaxation. It was great to lie around and kick off your shoes. We talked about the wonderful puppies we have and what a great season we have a head of us this coming year. Thanks again to Mac and Mary Alice for sharing their beautiful home and friendship.


7-13-03 MVH Oakwood House Dog Show


7-4-03 Stainbrook Farm's 2nd Annual Cropper's Party and Trail Ride